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Published on March 5th 2024
Picasso, a dog with a rare facial deformity, was left behind in shelters for being, "ugly."

Picasso the dog
Picasso Photo: people.com

With his crooked face, he was unappealing to many human companions, until he found a very special person, one who could see him for more than his deformity.

Dr. Zoe Ramagnano, the veterinary medical director for Paws for Life K9 Rescue in Los Angeles fell in love with him, and is adopting him.

"He is magical, and I have completely fallen in love with him," Dr. Zoe told People magazine.

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"Despite his deformity, he lives a completely full and happy life," she added.

Picasso the dog
Picasso Photo: people.com

"He is able to eat on his own and uses his nose to smell all the lovely smells outside," Dr. Zoe continued. "He plays with other dogs and toys."

"He is even able to chew on bones, albeit he does it sideways," she added, describing him as "confident, loving, goofy, loyal, intelligent and affectionate."

Dr. Zoe Photo: angelcitypits.org

What Picasso's story tells us is that beauty comes in many forms, and that a special needs dog or other special needs animal can make a wonderful companion.

He or she just needs someone with a big heart, and with the patience to get to know them and to bring them into a loving home. The magic begins from there.

Editor's Note: To learn more people.com/dog-born-with-crooked-face-named-picasso and https://pawsforlifek9.org/.

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