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Published on March 14th 2023
A dying dog dumped in a parking lot, against all odds survived and is now healthy and strong.

Ethan Photo: vcahospitals.com

On a chilly January 2021 day, Pit Bull mix Ethan was dumped in the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) parking lot.

Until he took a breath, the staff thought he was dead. Nearly a skeleton, he was too weak even to stand.

Ethan could not eat or drink on his own, or lift his head. But he held on, and loving humans came to his rescue.

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One was Jeff Callaway, a KHS staff member who met Ethan on that first frightening day.

"I just knew he was my dog and I just knew I would do anything for that dog whether it was for a couple of days or a lifetime," Jeff said.

On social media, KHS began telling this little dog's desperate story and people all over the world began to follow him.

"He brought hope in a lot of people's dark times," said Jeff. "The didn't see anything [good] on the horizon."

As Ethan slowly got better, emails and cards and letters flooded in from people with cancer, drug addictions and other terrible ailments, saying that Ethan gave them hope.

Today, he thrives and The American Humane Society named him their 2022 Shelter Hero Dog.

Now Ethan joins Jeff at KHS playing with dogs in need of homes.

"He means everything to me," Jeff said. "He's got a message and he's on a journey. But he needs someone to speak that message. I feel honored that I am that person."

Editor's Note: To learn more youtube.com/watch?v=F9X2TPlxVFo&t=2s, americanhumane.org/blog/ethan-named-the-2022-american-hero-dog/, people.com/pets/ethan-rescue-dog-wins-2022-american-humane-hero-dog-awards/ and google.com

Thank you to Nice News for informing us of this wonderful story.

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