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Published on September 12th 2023
Professor Chad, an inspiring guide dog.

professor Chad
Photo: gvsu.edu

Widely known as Professor Chad at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, Chad is an 8-year-old guide dog for Professor Melba Velez Ortiz.

51-year-old Professor Velez Ortiz is blind and Professor Chad, a Labrador Retriever has been her guide dog for seven years.

The Canine Professor helps Professor Velez Ortiz, and with his warmth, relaxes the students. His presence is unusual, but then so is the presence of Professor Velez Ortiz:

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Professor Velez Ortiz and Professor Chad
Professor Velez Ortiz and Professor Chad. Photo: nicenews.com

A 4-foot-7-inch Puerto Rican native, who colors her hair in a variety of colors, including reds and greens, Professor Velez Ortiz told Nice News:

"The fact that I'm, and let's never underestimate this, so short, that I have an accent, that I am a brown woman, that I'm blind - all of those are things that no college student ever expects to see when they walk into their class the first day."

Professor Velez Ortiz teaches communications, which includes public speaking, something which terrifies many students. Professor Chad has a calming effect on them.

And in teaching her students, this Female Professor is high energy, creative and funny, crucial to teachers today, because many students are distracted by social media.

Professor Velez Ortiz and Professor Chad
Photo: linkedin.com

"My students learn so much from having someone like me in the classroom, active and doing her thing," Professor Velez Ortiz said.

"Especially the students who are sitting there with disabilities thinking, "Wow, she's really out here doing the thing. Maybe I can too." And seeing how Chad and I interact; it fills them with hope ... "

For as she shows us, with the right support and determination we can overcome our limitations and achieve great things.

Editor"s Note: To learn more nicenews.com/animals/professor-chad-melba-velez-ortiz/.

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