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Published on February 19th 2019
Raul Baez: A former hard-core convict helping other convicts to make new lives.

Raul Baez
Raul Baez
Photo: youtube.com

In New York State, 67% of released inmates repeat offend and return to prison.

But with those who have taken Raul’s program for inmates in his non-profit organization, WITO, that number drops sharply to 23%.

Started in 2013, WITO now has 140-graduates and that number is growing. So, who is Raul, and how does he achieve such remarkable success?

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Raul is a 7th grade dropout with a long prison record and was a 25-year drug “junky.”

Raul Baez
Raul Baez mentoring inmates
Photo: youtube.com

But after an armed robbery, and a 5-hour NYPD standoff, he surrendered and was subsequently convicted, and given a 12-year prison term.

About half way into that prison term, Raul and two-other inmates went to a religious service to get free donuts and coffee.

But for Raul, an incredible transformation began.

“I heard Matthew 11:28,” said Raul, ‘Come to me, all of you who are heavy at heart for I will give you rest. My burden is easy and my yoke is light.’

“And the words just penetrated my heart.”

Raul profoundly changed his life, becoming a recovering drug addict, and a devout student.

Raul Baez
Raul Baez mentoring inmates
Photo: youtube.com

He read extensively and took courses in business, finance, job training, personal budgeting and other essential topics.

And inspired by God, he started teaching other prisoners. Three years after his 2010 release, he formed WITO Inc. and began formally teaching and counseling.

“These men and women will never break out of this cycle,” said Raul, “if somebody didn’t take the initiative.”

WITO has taken the initiative, now operating in six New York City prisons, and Raul has found his calling.

Editor's Note: To witness Raul in action and to learn more about this incredible story, click here.

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