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Published on January 10th 2023
Rescuing Netty, a 15-year-old dog her human family would have had euthanized.

Netty Photo: washingtonpost.com

Being an old dog and having some incontinence problems, Netty, a pit bull mix was dropped off at a shelter requesting she be put down.

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After the shelter's veterinary team examined Netty:

"They felt like she still had a quality of life," said Maddie Bernstein, Pennsylvania SPCA manager of lifesaving, to The Washington Post.

"They started her on meds, and she did really well," added Maddie. The staff then used Facebook to find her a new home.

Photo: facebook.com

They described Netty and said, "We are looking for a home where she can spend whatever time she has left."

"Netty is VERY low maintenance, and could live with dogs, cats and respectful kids."

"Can you please help us spread the word about this beautiful soul and get her out of the shelter and into a warm, cozy bed?"

The response was huge, among them Amy Kidd, a veterinarian in West Chester, Pa.

"As soon as I saw her face, I was like okay, she's the one that needs to come to my house," said Amy, who specializes in adopting old dogs.

Dr. Amy Kidd and Netty Photo: 6abc.com

In recent years, Amy and her husband have welcomed many senior dogs, mostly hospice cases.

But some dogs live for 3 or 4 years. "When they get to our house, it's kind of a fountain of youth," Amy said.

Amy's daughter and two sons picked up Netty and brought her home.

"She immediately melded right into the family," said Amy, who gave Netty a giant stuffed teddy bear to cuddle.

And Netty is thriving!

"I have a feeling she's going to be around for quite a bit [of time]," said Amy.

Editor's Note: To learn more washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2022/09/01/netty-pennsylvania-spca-senior-dog/

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