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Published on October 3rd 2023
An incredible rescue of a dying dog.

Riley Photo: foxweather.com

Last April 8th, Mike Krugman let his dog companion Riley out for a walk on his 36-acre property in the Breckenridge area of Colorado, about 10,000 feet above sea level.

Mike had no concern because he has a five-foot fence surrounding the property.

But apparently, Riley used a mound of snow to climb over and he took off, facing heavy snow and freezing temperatures, creating a life-threatening situation.

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Desperate to find Riley, Mike asked Summit Lost Pet Rescue to search for the missing dog. They distributed missing posters and widely searched the area, but had no luck.

Five weeks passed, and given the extreme weather conditions and numerous predators, all hope seemed lost.

Then Zach Hackett, a local hiker, had climbed 12,000 feet up the mountain when he heard a faint dog cry.

Riley, where Zach Hackett found him
Riley, where Zach Hackett found him Photo: skyhinews.com

He spotted a black and white Shetland sheepdog shivering in the icy air, too weak to stand. Zach carried him down the mountain.

Zach took Riley to his apartment where he and his girlfriend, gave him a hot bath, ran the heater and tried unsuccessfully to feed him.

The next day, they drove Riley to the Summit County Animal Shelter. Five weeks earlier, Riley weighed 24 pounds and now weighed just 12 pounds.

When the animal shelter reached Mike Krugman, he rushed Riley to a veterinarian who treated him for dehydration and other issues.

Riley and Mike
Riley and Mike Photo: foxweather.com

"I'm just so thankful for what he [Zach] did and for the efforts of all the people who searched for Riley," Mike told The Post.

Riley now has a big appetite and is gaining weight. He also wears a new GPS tracking device so he will never again lose his way.

Editor's Note: To learn more washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2023/06/14/dog-rescue-colorado-mountains-riley/.

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