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Published on January 31st 2023
Rescuing senior dogs, and their senior human companions.

Carie Broecker and MonicaRua of Peace of Mind Dog Rescue
Carie Broecker and Monica Rua of Peace of Mind Dog Rescue Photo: newsweek.com

Many people in old age have major physical limitations, and are homebound, dependent upon their long-time loving dogs for companionship.

But what happens when they can no longer walk those dogs, wash them, buy food for them, or take them to the vet? And what will happen to those dogs, when their humans die?

Pacific Grove, California based Peace of Mind Dog Rescue (PMDR), has the answers.

Carie Broecker and MonicaRua of Peace of Mind Dog Rescue
Photo: cnn.com

First, with about 1,300 volunteers, physically limited people receive a godsend: at home support for their loving dog companions. PMDR has kept over 2,000 dogs in their current homes.

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Second, when their human pass' or for shelter dogs in desperate need, PMDR has placed over 3,000 dogs into new homes.

Carie Broecker and Monica Rua began PMDR in 2009, starting with a woman in crisis:

"The woman's name was Alice, and she had emphysema that put her in and out of the hospital," Carie told The Washington Post.

When Alice was moved into hospice care, with only weeks to live, she appealed to Carie, fearing her loving companion Savannah ("Savvy") would be placed in a shelter, or put down.

"I told her, 'No, don't worry - I'll make sure she's okay,'" said Carie, who adopted Savvy, giving Alice peace of mind.

Today, PMDR offers a full range of support. And to ensure lifetime care, they help arrange trusts to provide for a dog's care after their human companion passes on.

"We want to give dogs - and their owners - dignity in their older years," Carie said. "Once a dog comes to us, we oversee them for the rest of their lives."

Editor's Note: To learn more https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2022/10/04/old-dogs-rescue-peace-mind/ and https://www.peaceofminddogrescue.org/index.php.

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