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Published on April 6th 2021
Ric Jackson: His business pays him in smiles, chocolates and pumpkin bread.

Ric Jackson
Ric Jackson photo: cbsnews.com

Launched in April in his Potomac, Maryland garage to keep him active during the pandemic, his business has already attracted more than 650-customers and it is growing.

What business is Ric in?

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Ric repairs and restores bikes, which he does for his friends, neighbors and others.

"I love working on bikes," Ric told WTOP News Radio.

Ric Jackson
photo: wtop.com

"I love taking an old thing that's really rusted and beat up and turning it into a thing of - in my view - beauty."

A retired mathematician, Ric charges nothing for his labor.

Many bikes he receives are in terrible condition, but for some people, buying a new bike right now is not an option they can afford. It is for them Ric especially wants to help.

"I have the experience. I have the tools. I have the knowledge and so I'm doing it," he told WTOP.

Aileen Goldstein wanted to ride bikes with her 4-year-old daughter, who is just learning to ride so she took two bikes stored in her basement and brought them to Ric.

He happily repaired and polished both bikes.

She told WTOP, "He is modeling for the rest of us what it means to be neighborly in a year when we most definitely need more of that."

Because Ric refuses money for his work, people bring him baked goods, chocolates and pumpkin bread as compensation.

"I eat well," he said with a laugh. "My freezer is full of pumpkin bread."

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