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Published on September 17th 2019
Rob Mendez: A football coach with no arms or legs

Rob Mendez
Rob Mendez Photo: mercurynews.com

Because of a rare disease 31-year-old Rob of San Jose, Calif., was born without arms or legs.

But like each of us, he has dreams and with the support of his parents and two sisters, Rob has pursued those dreams.

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His interest in football began when he was 13 and a high school football coach gave him a jersey.

"To a 13-year-old kid - it just like lit up my eyes. With the inclusion it gave me confidence."

"After my freshman year, I started realizing football is a mind sport. So, I took a real liking to the play calling. That's how I really fell in love with football."

"This was my calling, to be a head coach."

But Rob has limitations other football coaches don't have:

He uses a motorized chair he controls with his head and neck, and writes by using his mouth to hold his marker.

Over the years, Rob has worked as an assistant, while other times was unemployed.

One coach had him call the plays for part of a game, and then fired him when the team lost. This was Rob's low point, and he didn't leave his home for two days.

Then last fall, the head coach of the Prospect High School varsity hired Rob to be head coach of his junior varsity team.

Under Rob, the team won 8 and lost 2, and played for the championship.

This has stoked Rob's dreams, as he sees himself coaching at the varsity level, college level, and eventually in the NFL.

Or as he says, "this is the beginning. Only the beginning."

Editor's Note: To learn more, click here and here. Thank you to my friend Michael Delees for telling us of this story.

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