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Published on September 29th 2020
Rob Young: He helped save his neighborhood from a fast-moving fire.

Rob Young
Rob Young
photo: ksltv.com

As the Knoll Fire rapidly spread to his Saratoga Springs, Utah neighborhood, authorities issued an evacuation order.

Neighbors grabbed what they could and fled the area hoping that their homes and all their special keepsakes would survive the fire.

But Rob stayed behind to help elderly neighbors flee.

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Having helped those neighbors, Rob then took other action.

A landscaper by trade, Rob knew how to operate heavy machinery and ran to an adjoining school construction site and started a bulldozer.

photo: kjzz.com

He used the bulldozer to create a wide fire break to stop the vast spreading flames from reaching the neighborhood.

He later told KSTV Fox 13 News, it was "Pretty emotional to watch fires and flames get that close to your neighbors' homes."

photo: abc4.com

The next day, with the flames burning elsewhere the neighbors could return to their homes.

Thanks to Rob, they had homes to return to, not the horrible shock of devastation and burned out shells of their homes.

In all, 12,000 acres had been burned but the neighborhood stood safe and sound.

photo: ksltv.com

When Fox 13 News asked why he did this, Rob humbly replied, "I just did what anyone would do."

Meanwhile, because of Covid-19 and back problems, Rob had been out of work for a long time.

In gratitude, his neighbors held a fund raiser to pay his mortgage so he would not be in danger of losing his home.

They did this in appreciation for a hero who arose when he was most needed.

Editor's Note: To learn more click here and here. Note: Subsequently, firefighters doused the entire fire July 6th, 2020 https://www.abc4.com.

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