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Published on October 10th 2023
A 200-dog birthday salute to a dog lover.

That dog lover is retired San Jose State Professor Robert Moore, and the occasion was his 100th birthday.

"He just love, love, loves dogs," his daughter Alison Moore told The Washington Post. "Every dog he sees, he wants to pet. He has been like this his whole life."

In addition to a big family dinner, Alison and her two siblings wanted to do something special and what they created became a remarkable event.

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Six days prior to the event, Alison posted on Facebook and local networking site Nextdoor asking for people to bring their dogs for a neighborhood pet parade.

She thought 20, maybe 30 dogs would arrive for her dad to cuddle and pet.

Photo: faithpot.com

But when the parade began at 11 a.m. more than 200 dogs had lined up for Professor Moore.

"He was so overwhelmed," said Alison. "He was just so sweet and talking to the kids and petting all the dogs and saying their names. It was so much fun."

Robert Moore's Birthday Parade
Robert Moore's Birthday Parade Photo: mymodernmet.com

A neighbor, Debby Yackonelli and her husband brought their pup Ryder.

"He wore a little tux neckerchief, and we made a little happy birthday sign and put it on him, she told The Post. "I think he thought the party was for him."

Ryder the pup. Photo: mymodernmet.com

Meanwhile, Professor Moore's granddaughter, Caroline Moore had flown in from New York to join his birthday party, and posted parts of the parade on TikTok.

As for Alison, at one point, she broke into tears, as numerous people she didn't know arrived with cards and flowers, and posters. "Strangers did this for my dad," she said in awe.

Editor's Note: To learn more https://www.washingtonpost.com/ and https://www.google.com/.

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