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Published on April 4th, 2017
Rose Broome: A new way to help the homeless.

Rose Broome
Rose Broome
Photo: bizthatmatters.com

Rose lives in San Francisco, where as in much of the industrial world, she can use her cell phone to instantly arrange for car service, order food or meet other needs.

But one cold night, she saw a homeless woman sleeping on the sidewalk and wanted to help her, and realized technology had done little to assist the destitute.

What Rose did next is remarkable:

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In 2013, Rose, Sammie Rayner and other volunteers formed HandUp.Org, which began creating the software to provide help to the homeless.

With the touch of a cell phone, HandUp offers instant access to homeless shelters and provides profiles and photos of homeless people in those shelters.

A prospective donor can donate to help the shelter or to help specific individuals, and can send messages of hope to those homeless people.

HandUp.Org has caught on quickly and to date has raised nearly $1.6 million in donated funds, and with partners, has run 5,800 fund raising campaigns in 29-cities.

It is amazing what one determined person can start. To watch HandUp.Org in action in a 5-minute, 21-second video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORrquQXJ52I

Success Tip of the Week: Whether with HandUp, or directly to your local shelter, please make a donation.

Editor's Note:To learn more, please see http://www.dailygood.org/story/1476/rose-broome-of-handup/. To visit the HandUp website https://handup.org/

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