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Published on May 3rd 2022
How Rosie, an adorable little penguin with disabilities is inspiring children with disabilities.

Rosie the penguin. photo: people.com

The laughter of children can often be heard when Rosie is nearby. And their joy can be felt by their parents and others who love them.

For Rosie, like some of those children, has disabilities.

In December, 2019, when she was hatched at Odysea Aquarium in Scottsdale, Arizona she had problems sitting up and her feet were misaligned.

But Rosie got help:

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Her team of caregivers created a unique baby penguin sized "jump-a-roo," a baby bouncer seat based on the human baby bouncer, as they helped her strengthen her tiny legs.

photo: people.com

Now Rosie walks with a wobble as she waddles around, no-longer restricted by her limitations, as she serves as an inspiration to anyone else with limitations.

She's not fast, but she gets where she wants to go, touching the hearts of anyone with physical or emotional limitations.

Rosie is a great example to us all that in our own unconventional way, we too can triumph as she has done.

Editor's Note: : To learn more see abc15.com/.../how-rosie-an-african-penguin-at-odysea-aquarium-is-inspiring-kids-with-disabilities and discovery.com/nature/inspiration-rosie-the-penguin.

To see Rosie in action in a brief video abcnews.go.com/WNT/video/rosie-penguin-sends-inspiring-message-kids

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