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Published on July 16th 2019
Ruth Henricks: Serving love one meal at a time.

Ruth Henricks
Ruth Henricks
Photo: cnn.com

For over 30-years, Ruth has owned The Huddle, a small, popular diner in San Diego.

But about 30-years-ago, an AIDS patient, a sickly man started coming regularly to her diner to eat, and told her, if not for her diner, he wouldn’t be eating.

Then about a year and half later, he stopped coming. Ruth tried desperately to find him, without success.

What happened next changed her life and the lives of many San Diegans in need.

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Ruth started Special Delivery to serve homebound AIDS patients, as Ruth or her volunteers not only serve the food, but sit and listen to them.

Then many other chronically ill people asked Ruth if she could help them. She expanded Special Delivery to include them.

Special Delivery now serves about 140-meals each day, Monday thru Friday.

But the demand didn’t end there. Many additional people have trouble feeding their families after paying rent, medical bills and other expenses.

So, Ruth began a Food Bank, with food donated by grocery stores. It now serves 800-families a month.

Ruth Henricks
Photo: cnn.com

But even that wasn’t enough. Many people are diabetic, or pre-diabetic, so Ruth began a weekly class to teach them wiser eating habits.

At the end of each class, they can select free healthy, diabetic friendly food to bring home.

When it comes to feeding those in need, Ruth says, “It’s bringing that love, it’s bringing that respect, it’s bringing that dignity to them.”

“I’m giving them a part of myself.”

Please see for yourself the magic that Ruth and the volunteers bring in these two brief videos here and here.

Editor's Note: Ruth is a CNN Hero, which is how we first heard of her story.

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