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Published on May 18th 2021
Ryan Sivley: Rescuing people and pets from Texas' Arctic storm.

For a week in February much of Texas got hit with fierce snowstorms, along with rampant power outages and dangerous road conditions.

There were widespread water and food shortages, and for many who fled, they and their pets got trapped in their vehicles.

In Austin, Jill Ventimiglia's home had no running water so in desperation she grabbed her dog and began to drive to her parents' house.

Suddenly, her Honda got stuck in thick ice, exposing her and her dog to the ravages of the storm.

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Around her were about 30 other stranded vehicles, all without cellphone service.

"It was scary," she told The Washington Post. "People were out of their cars screaming and panicking."

Ryan Sivley
Ryan Sivley photo: theepochtimes.com

Then came Ryan in his huge pickup truck he affectionally calls "The Beast."

"I'm going to get you, don't worry," Ryan told Jill. With a tow strap, he attached her car to his truck and towed it with her and her dog inside, about three miles to her parents' home.

"It was like a sea of cars," he told The Post. "Some people were stuck in snowbanks and ditches."

Having a truck able to tow over 40,000 pounds, and having heavy duty gear, Ryan kept rescuing stranded drivers, more than 500 of them during the blizzard.

Ryan Sivley
Ryan Sivley with his wife and kids photo: statesman.com

But that's not all. He began transporting health-care personnel to work and back, and transported people without electricity or running water to safe locations.

On TV, Ryan offered his cell phone number for those needing help and the calls and texts poured in, as he worked from 4 a.m. to midnight to keep up.

Despite using up to three tanks of diesel fuel per day, he charged nothing, although some people chipped in a little money.

So, if you want another first responder hero, Ryan is your guy, having rescued so many people in desperate need.

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