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Published on December 28th 2021
Sadie, an unwanted rescue dog, who saved the life of the man who rescued her.

Brian Myers and Sadie
Brian Myers and Sadie photo: cbsnews.com

At nearly 100-pounds, Sadie is a large German Shephard, and one with a reputation for disliking men. As a result, three shelters rejected her.

Fortunately, The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in New Jersey, a shelter of last resort agreed to take her.

"Our purpose is really to take the ones that don't have anywhere else to go," executive director Megan Brinster told CBS News' Steve Hartman. "And that was Sadie."

Then Brian Myers arrived.

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"I thought, let me give this dog a chance because she's beautiful and I think I can work through her issues," Brian told Steve.

Brian adopted Sadie; with no idea she would soon save his life.

"I was very lucky to have her the night that I had the stroke," Brian said. "I was getting up out of the bed and as soon as I stood up..., I fell straight down."

Brian Myers
photo: cbsnews.com

Brian's cellphone was out of reach.

But then Sadie arrived. He grabbed her collar and she pulled him across the room to a telephone, to call for desperately needed help.

Brian was rushed to Englewood Health in Englewood, New Jersey, where he was stabilized and treated, followed by two weeks of rehabilitation.

When he was released, a very special visitor arrived.

Brian Myers
photo: abc7.com

"[Sadie] just immediately jumped on me and was kissing my face, knocked my glasses and mask off, and I just thought, I love this dog," said Brian.

Clearly, they love each other.

Editor's Note:: To learn more cbsnews.com/, greatnonprofits.org and englewoodhealth.org

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