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Published on January 5th 2021
Safe in Austin: A Texas animal sanctuary that connects special needs kids with special needs animals.

Safe In Austin
Harper Wulms and Priscilla photo: messenger-inquirer.com

Harper Wulms, now 5 was just 2 when she met Priscilla, a rescued turkey with a "lucky claw," one similar to the abnormality in Harper's right hand.

Harper's "lucky hand" is smaller than her left one and is missing one finger. And when the toddler and the turkey came together, it was love at first sight.

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This bond, which continues 3 years later is indicative of why Jamie Wallace-Griner formed her animal sanctuary, Safe in Austin (SiA).

"There is something absolutely magical about watching a child with differences come out here and say, 'They're just like me,'" Jamie told The Washington Post.

Safe In Austin
Ace JJ, 3, plays with Francis, also 3 at Safe in Austin photo: austin360.com

"When you see Harper holding Priscilla's lucky hand with her own lucky hand, it just does so much for her heart."

SiA has rescued more than 150 abused, neglected or special needs animals, most of whom would have been euthanized.

And all species are welcome, regardless of their limitations.

"We have animals that are blind or deaf, have diabetes, cerebral palsy, deformities, missing limbs, broken spines ... they all become part of our family," Jamie told The Post.

SiA serves human visitors with their own special needs including disabilities, mental health issues and past traumas, who benefit by connecting with these animals.

Why did Jamie start SiA? Because of what she saw when her 6-year-old autistic son Jackson met Angel, a 6-year-old service dog who joined them in 2012.

"Angel gave my son confidence and strength beyond anything I was capable of doing as his mother," Jamie told The Post. "We saw a dramatic difference within weeks."

So, what is SiA's purpose today?

"This is a place for anyone who's heart is in need of some unconditional love and friendship," said Jamie.

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