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Published on August 13th 2019
Sascha Breuer: A Hollywood hairdresser who also gives haircuts to the homeless

Sascha Breuer
Sascha Breuer
Photo: barboradudinska.com

In a typical day, 45-year-old Sascha visits the Hollywood studios taking care of his clientele.

Clients, according to his website, include Naomi Campbell, Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley and Hilary Swank. But he also has his other clients.

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About two-years-ago, Sascha put a chair in front of a Los Angeles burger place and began cutting the hair of homeless people.

Sascha Breuer
Sascha Breuer cutting hair on the street
Photo: washingtonpost.com

“There were no concise plans when I first started,” Sascha told The Washington Post. “It was just trying to use my skills to give back.”

Soon he persuaded other hairdressers to join him.

And Sascha founded The Kind Cut, a charity that encourages other hairdressers across the world to give free haircuts to those in need.

To date, he and other Los Angeles hairdressers have given over 3,500 free haircuts to those in need, now joined by other hairdressers in places as distant as Italy, Turkey and Ukraine.

About his homeless clientele, Sascha said, “A lot of them still work; they work hard, but they don’t have enough money to live in a normal environment.”

Sascha views this as using his skills as an act of kindness. He also works with other charities to give away personal care kits to those who would like them.

“I’m trying to show how simple it is to help another person who is going through a rough time and could use a helping hand.”

Editor's Note: To learn more, click here. Or visit The Kind Cut Website.

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