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Published on March 23rd 2021
Sayde: Spreading puppy love.

Sayde photo: cbsnews.com

With COVID-19, nursing home residents are very lonely and isolated from much of the world as few human visitors are allowed in.

But there is a notable exception: Sayde, a puppy who is a bundle of love to the residents and staff of SSM Health in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

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Once a week, Sayde visits so everyone can enjoy her loving energy and can snuggle and pet her.

One resident, Vi Tully told CBS News, "She brings some life to the whole building."

"We don't get much company right now with the virus. We were all locked up. So, she's about the only company we get."

Sayde with volunteer coordinator Teri Fichter photo: cbsnews.com

Sayde arrived when volunteer coordinator Teri Fichter saw her with her owner near the building.

She asked the owner if Sayde could come in to the building, and he agreed.

Teri told CBS; the puppy is a "little yellow ball of fire."

photo: cbsnews.com

"They just want to pet her and talk to her and smell her puppy breath, Teri said. "She even brings a tear to some of the residents' eyes...she just makes everybody happy."

And after all, "Who doesn't like a puppy, you know?" added Terri.

Editor's Note: To learn more: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/nursing-home-residents-in-wisconsin-home-get-weekly-doses-of-puppy-love/

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