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Published on February 21st 2023
A severely injured farmer whose community united to help.

Scott Legried
Scott Legried, shown earlier this year in Frost, Minn., before the accident. Photo: sunnyskyz.com

On August 15th, in the tiny farming town of Frost, Minnesota, Scott Legried was driving his pick-up truck when a puppy ran in front of him.

Swerving to avoid the puppy, Scott's truck rolled and he was severely injured.

"I got knocked out and when I came to, I couldn't move," Scott told The Washington Post.

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"I couldn't even reach up to get my cellphone from the dash of my truck. I remember saying, 'Lord, I'm going to need some help here in the next five or 10 minutes.'"

And that help came. Another driver called 911.

He was rushed to the closest hospital, and then airlifted to the Mayo Clinic, where he stayed for the next several weeks.

Scott Legried
Tim Steier visited Scott Legried in the hospital and took him for a spin after his shoulder surgery in August. Photo: spokesman.com

Scott had a concussion, a collapsed lung, two cracked vertebrae, seven broken ribs, a broken collarbone and a broken shoulder blade.

The October harvest was only six weeks away, and he had 600 acres of soybeans and corn to harvest. A delay could destroy his crops, his sole means of income.

Who would maintain and harvest his corn and soybean crops? And because Scott lives alone, who would care for his dogs, and maintain his home and yard?

Farmers from Frost, Minn., and surrounding towns have lunch before harvesting Legried's crops. Photo: spokesman.com

This town of 198 people did.

While volunteers checked his home, mowed his lawn, and fed his dogs, 18 farmers conducted the harvest, while others provided food to feed those farmers.

Scott Legried
Farmers in Frost, Minn., rallied to harvest Scott Legried's soybean crop on Oct. 4 Photo: spokesman.com

Scott plans to plant his new crop this spring. If he needs help, he knows where to find it.

"Frost really is the heartland of America," he said. "One day, I hope I'm able to pay the favor back."

Editor's Note: To learn more washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2022/10/18/frost-minnesota-helps-local-farmer/.

Thank you to Nice News for alerting us to this wonderful story.

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