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Published on March 30th 2021
Sean Currey: A homeless man who found and returned a wallet with cash, credit cards, health-care cards and ID.

Sean Currey
Sean Currey photo: thesun.co.uk

While in a dumpster looking for food, 57-year-old Sean of San Rafael, California found a floral-patterned wallet.

It belonged to 80-year-old Evelyn Topper, who lives in Mill Valley, about 6-miles away, and it had a business card with her phone number.

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Evelyn was desperately looking for her wallet, going through her car and her home and driving to each place she had recently been, but the wallet and its valuable contents were lost.

Then came Sean's fantastic call.

Evelyn Topper
Evelyn Topper photo: inspiremore.com

Immediately, Evelyn jumped in her car and sped to a nearby shopping center parking lot to meet Sean, who sleeps in that parking lot, in his Chevy Tahoe.

Sean, who works in construction or building maintenance when he can find work, has generally been homeless for the last several years.

When Evelyn arrived, she received her wallet, and she gave Sean some money in appreciation.

But when Evelyn told her daughter Vanessa and granddaughter Mikayla Gounard about Sean's remarkable kindness, each of them wanted to do something more for him.

Her granddaughter Mikayla with her 12th birthday approaching, in lieu of gifts asked for cash, and she gave the $475 she received to Sean.

Mikayla Gounard
Mikayla Gounard photo: inspiremore.com

"I choked up and got a tear," Sean told The Washington Post. "I felt very humbled and special that they would go out of their way to do that for me."

But that's not all:

Vanessa created a GoFundMe page to support Sean through the pandemic, and as of this writing, it has raised over $55,000 for him!

photo: upworthy.com

But he remains humble:

"I believe I have a good heart," Sean told The Post.

"Maybe, if I keep doing the right thing, more people will too, and it will change the world, in a small way, for the better."

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