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Published on March 22nd 2022
A puppy unable to walk bonds with a pigeon unable to fly.

Lundy and Herman
Lundy and Herman photo: ronproject.com

The Mia Foundation, of Rochester, New York rescues unwanted disabled animals.

In 2020 a man gave them tiny 4-week-old Chihuahua, Lundy, because this adorable puppy was crippled, and his care was too great a challenge.

Meanwhile Herman, a loving little flightless pigeon, was rescued from a car dealership parking lot.

Seemingly, these two would have nothing in common, yet they became inseparable friends. Here is their amazing story:

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After The Mia Foundation rescued them, founder Sue Rogers documented their friendship.

It began when Sue placed Herman the pigeon in a dog bed, while she was caring for Lundy. And when she set Lundy next to him, the two began to bond.

She took some photos, and those photos went viral. Thereafter, Lundy and Herman continued to play and sleep side by side, comfortable and happy together.

Thanks to the local Hilton High School Robotics Team, which created a robotic device for them, their activities even include transporting themselves together. [Jon, please see the photo of the two of them in this device in the 1st article in Editor’s Note.]

How serious is Lundy the Chihuahua’s disablement? An X-ray showed he will never walk on his own because he has a severe spine curvature that no surgery nor brace can repair.

But he receives ongoing care and love, and together with his buddy Herman, who receives the same kind of loving care, they are living happy lives together.

Editor's Note: To learn more ronproject.com/puppy-forms-unlikely-bond-pigeon/, The Mia Foundation themiafoundation.com/ and youtube.com/watch?v=tbtDl8m8B8A.

Update: Sue informed me Lundy the Chihuahua gently passed away in his sleep in October, with Herman lying next to him. Herman remains healthy.

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