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Published on February 6th, 2018
Shabana Basij-Rasikh: Educating girls in Afghanistan

Shabana Basij-Rasikh
Shabana Basij-Rasikh
Photo: yesprograms.org

Many of us in the industrial world treat the right to an education for granted.

But in Afghanistan, educating girls under the Taliban was illegal and those who did educate them could be severely punished, perhaps killed.

Even prior to the Taliban, most families did not educate their daughters. Now educating them is a reality, and 27-year-old Shabana is one of its leaders. This is her story:

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When Shabana was 6-years-old, the Taliban took over Afghanistan and made it illegal for girls to go to school.

Although it was risky, Shabana and her older sister, with family support, disguised themselves as boys and with more than 100 other girls, packed into a home classroom.

Everyone was scared because at times, class was quickly suspended when the Taliban came to investigate.

But when Shabana was 11, the Taliban was overthrown, although they are still a major presence today.

Yet Shabana and now many other girls, with the support of their families, are going to school.

Because an education is so important, her father said to his children, “If we have to sell our blood to pay your school fees, we will.” Fortunately, that was not necessary.

Shabana came to the U.S. for high school, and after graduating, attended Middlebury College in Connecticut, where she became a college graduate.

She then returned to Afghanistan and co-founded SOLA, the first boarding school for girls.

Photo: e7kky.com

Today, with 27-year-old Shabana as a leader, over 3-million women and girls now attend school, as each seeks a brighter future.

And with them being educated, Afghanistan too, has the potential for a far better future.

Editor's Note: To see Shabana in a 9-minute, 36-second TED Talk, click here. To learn more, click here and here.

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