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Published on April 23th 2024
For the first time in its nearly 50-year history, last Christmas every shelter pet had a home.

Empty Kennels at Adams County SPCA
Empty Kennels at Adams County SPCA. Photo: washingtonpost.com

"It's incredible, especially since just two weeks before, our kennels were almost full," Abigail Avery, the director of the Adams County SPCA told The Washington Post.

But by Christmas, this Gettysburg, Pennsylvania shelter placed 90 dogs and cats, 2 ferrets and reunited 26 lost pets with their families.

How did this shelter find so many homes, when many shelters are overrun with loving pets?

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They used social media to show compelling photos of each pet, and tell the often-heartbreaking story of their lives.

Cora was adopted shortly before Christmas. Photo: washingtonpost.com

For example, in early December, 10 small dogs were abandoned nearby.

"They were in terrible condition, with dental disease, ear infections and toenails grown into their feet," said Abigail, the shelter director.

The shelter team immediately provided medical care, spaying or neutering and then placing their before-and-after photos and backstories on Facebook.

Leo also was adopted out of the shelter. Photo: washingtonpost.com

Each pup was quickly adopted.

Another shelter Facebook follower was Kelly Flavin, who fell in love with Winston, a little dog with a broken jaw.

"His sad little eyes got to me," Kelly said. "And I knew I had to help him."

Winston in his new home after his adoption. Photo: washingtonpost.com

Kelly and her husband, Larry Mahnken and their dog Beatrice met Winston at the shelter, and Winston soon had a new home.

Said shelter director Abigail, "As anyone who has ever adopted a pet from a shelter knows, these are the best animals you're going to get because all they want to do is love you."

Adding, "There's a right home out there to match every animal, and we're going to do our best to find it."

Editor's Note: To learn more https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2023/12/29/dog-adoption-pennsylvania-shelter-rescue/ and https://www.adamscountyspca.org/.

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