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Published on September 27th, 2016
Sherri Franklin: A godsend to old dogs.

Sherri Franklin
Sherri Franklin  

Sherri has always loved animals and lived that love by volunteering at the San Francisco Animal Shelter.

There, she saw that nearly everyone wanted puppies and that older dogs were seldom adopted.

"Most of them would end up getting euthanized," Sherri told CNN. "They didn't stand a chance compared to the puppies."

"I could feel their hope draining and my hope draining with them."

Sherri knew she had to do something about this, and what she did will touch your heart:

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In 2007, in her home, Sherri started Muttville, a nonprofit organization which rescues old dogs from shelters, and finds loving homes for them.

Often, the homes are with senior citizens, people who may not have the energy to care for a young dog, but who need a dog's loving companionship.

Muttville now has its own facility. It receives about 150 inquiries a week from shelters and individuals seeking to place their elder dogs, and has placed more than 3,800 dogs into loving homes.

Now with a network of over 100 foster families, Muttville is saving even more dogs.

What happens when a dog arrives at Muttville?

"Every dog that comes in sees our vet. They get de-fleaed, de-wormed, they get their vaccines and microchipping," Sherri told CNN.

"And then we go a step further, doing full blood panels and urinalysis."

"We do that all in house now, which has just saved us so much time and gotten the dogs ready for adoption so much quicker."

Muttville also has a program for terminally ill dogs.

"We call it Fospice " that's hospice and foster mixed together. Every once in a while, we get dogs that have a terminal illness or untreatable disease."

"Muttville stays committed to every dog that comes here. We find them homes with great families, and we cover the cost of palliative care for the dog until the dog passes away."

At Muttville, they have many repeat adopters.

"They want to give that dog a special home, special love. And when it's time to say goodbye, it's always hard," said Sherri.

"But you got to share that part of your life with an animal that gave you unconditional love. Nothing beats that."

Editor's Note: To see heartwarming 2 minute, 20 second videos of Muttville in action, please click here, here and here. To visit Muttville's website http://www.muttville.org/.

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