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Published on June 22nd 2021
Shonda Lemon: A mail carrier who saved the life of her 89-year-old customer.

Shonda Lemon
Shonda Lemon photo: twitter.com

Based in Chicago, Indiana, Shonda knows many of the residents on her route, and warmly greets them.

But 89-year-old Helen, who Shonda often speaks with, had stopped picking up her mail.

Knowing Helen lives alone and had recently fallen, Shonda sensed something was wrong, and after repeatedly knocking on her door without an answer, called 911.

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Minutes later, first responders arrived.

They found Helen on the floor of her living room, desperate for help. She had fallen three days earlier, but was unable to move because of the injuries caused by her fall.

She had had no food or water, and weak from malnutrition and dehydration, and injured from the fall, she was dying.

Rushed to the hospital, Helen's life was saved thanks to Shonda.

Shonda Lemon and Helen
Shonda Lemon and Helen photo: cnn.com

"My heart trembled, it just made me cry," said Shonda after learning the remarkable news that Helen would survive.

Her injuries were so severe, that after a week in the hospital, Helen was transferred to a rehab facility to regain her mobility, and will need care givers when she returns home.

But because of Shonda, her loving and caring mail carrier, Helen now has another chance at life.

Helen's niece, Mary Mason thanked and warmly embraced Shonda for saving her aunt's life, telling Shonda, "You're an angel."

The postal service and the community celebrate Shonda as a hero. But her humble reply is, "I just don't look at myself as a hero."

"I just look at myself as one of God's children looking after his other kids."

Editor's Note: To learn more, passiton.com/passiton-blog/35-observant-mail-carrier-rescues-elderly-customer

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