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Published on February 13th 2024
Starky, a missing cat who reappeared after disappearing for 8 months.

Starky the cat
Starky Photo: coleandmarmalade.com

Starky's human companions, Ashleigh and William Archer from the university city of Cambridge, England had no idea where he went.

"Starky had always been an explorer but he'd always greet my husband when he came home from work," Ashleigh told the BBC.

"So, when he was missing for a day - and then for longer - we feared the worst."

"We were devastated."

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Starky and the couple's dog Winnie were best friends, and when their vet told them Winnie was saddened by Starky's absence, to cheer him up, they got Bucky the kitten.

But everyone's hope was that Starky would come back. They ran advertisements in newspapers and on websites, but with no response.

Photo: bbc.com

As it turned out, Starky was living in London, 60 miles away, and was being taken care of by a group of office works. How he got there no-one knows.

When those office workers checked him out, they discovered he had a microchip, identifying his human companions, Ashleigh and William.

Ashleigh was thrilled when London based charity, the Celia Hammond Animal Trust, contacted her to say they had Starky.

The couple arrived to pick up their little feline buddy.

Starky reunited
Starky reunited with Ashleigh and William Photo: coleandmarmalade.com

"He recognised my husband immediately," Ashleigh said.

When they arrived home, Starky made a beeline to the master bedroom, where he always slept on the bed.

"Winnie [the dog] is so happy to have him back, and he's getting on well with our new kitten," Ashleigh said.

Starky, Winnie and Bucky
Starky, Winnie and Bucky Photo: coleandmarmalade.com

The moral to this heartwarming story is microchipping, without which the Archers would never again have been reunited with Starky.

Editor's Note: To learn more bbc.com/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-67327650

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