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Published on February 7th 2023
Surfer dog Rosie, a Santa Cruz sensation.

Surfer dog Rosie
Surfer dog Rosie Photo: youtube.com

In Santa Cruz, California, there are many surfers, including one of the most popular surfers of all, white lab Rosie.

Riding her pink surfboard, and wearing a red lifejacket, Rosie rides the waves to shore as other surfers cheer her on.

And for those who greet her, there are kisses galore.

Surfer dog Rosie
Photo: youtube.com

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Her human companion Stephen Drotter, a 40-year surfer, taught her to surf and gently guides her into waves she can easily handle.

The two also sometimes surf in tandem, or they share a paddle board, in which Rosie just makes herself comfy.

Surfer dog Rosie
Rosie and Stephen ride a wave. Photo: youtube.com

"I'm combining my love for my dog and my love for surfing so it's awesome," Stephen told CBS News. "She catches a wave and you hear people cheering, 'Go Rosie Go.'"

If you would like to see Rosie in action, please click on this 2-minute, 39 second video https://www.cbs.com/shows/video/PP5TtvRldHJGlW2ivCR3Rqpp_VaoPxyL/ or view it here:

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