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Published on March 17th 2020
Suzy: A stray dog who became a family blessing

Photo: washingtonpost.com

At 4 am, when Jack Jokinen was awakened by his wife Emily, she had just checked their baby daughter who was doing fine, but there was a stray dog in their living room.

Jack went downstairs and found an emaciated light brown Labrador mix sitting on the floor, wet from rain and shaking in fear.

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At first, Jack thought this dog may have been part of a break-in, and checked his home. No-one else was there.

He then went to his security camera video, which revealed the answer.

At about 3:15 am, this dog limped past his Philadelphia home. After two more passes, she walked through his unlocked open door set ajar by a cold breeze.

About 25-minutes later, a pedestrian saw the door was open and after calling into the house, shut the door.

Jack and Emily didn't turn in this uncollared, unchipped, unwanted helpless dog to animal control. They instead took her to an emergency vet for an exam.

The result: She had fleas and ticks, rotted teeth, an atrophied leg and infected paws.

Photo: foxnews.com

The Jokinens decided they wanted to make this stray dog estimated to be between 7 and 9 years old, a new member of their family.

Being New York Yankees fans, they named her Suzyn Pupman after Yankees broadcaster Suzyn Waldman, who emailed her pleasure after learning this stray dog's story.

It will take time and extensive medical care to nurse Suzy to good health, but she now has a new home and a loving family to care for her.

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