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Published on January 3rd 2023
The nurse who saved a baby's life during an airline flight.

Tamara Panzino
Tamara Panzino Photo: wptv.com

30-minutes into a Spirit Airlines flight from Pittsburgh to Orlando, 3-month-old baby Anjele´ stopped breathing.

Retired veteran nurse Tamara Panzino moved swiftly to save this infant.

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"I was reading my book, not paying attention, had my earbuds in," Tamara said. "I heard a flight attendant say, 'We have an infant not breathing.'"

Over the passenger address system came an unanswered plea for a doctor, but Tamara was already racing back to help this baby.

Photo: nurse.org

"I didn't know what I was dealing with," said Tamara.

"I saw an infant. The head was just back [unresponsive] and blue lips and my heart just dropped."

Tamara immediately "...did a sternal rub, kind of an aggressive shake of the chest."

"The baby's color started looking better. I was so glad, but I kept shaking it aggressively."

"Within a couple minutes ... the color came back, I heard breathing sounds, I heard a heartbeat."

As the baby recovered, passengers and staff cheered, and Tamara was deeply relieved.

But she does not consider herself a hero. "No, it's not a hero thing," said Tamara, about everyone wanting to help, and Spirit Airlines having everything necessary onboard.

"It's the community coming together and everyone volunteering what their knowledge can help them do." And she added, "I'm glad I was there."

Editor's Note: To learn more people.com, https://www.wptv.com/, nbcnews.com and fox35orlando.com

Thank you to Nice News for informing us of this marvelous story.

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