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Published on February 12th 2019
The Duck Patrol

A South African vineyard has an interesting way to eliminate pests and fertilize its crop.

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They do it with ducks.

Each morning The Vineyard hosts a duck parade, as over 1,000 ducks march in a straight line, and then head to work, on a 50-square-meters area of the vineyard.

Upon their arrival, the ducks begin eating the snails that used to plague the plants. As they enjoy their meal, they relieve themselves, immediately fertilizing the plants.

The duck's human leader, is a duck farmer named Denzel Metthys. He breeds, cares, and talks to them, as he has become their loving surrogate “mommy.”

Denzel Metthys
Denzel Metthys
Photo: karmatube.org

To meet Denzel and his favorite duck Elvis, please see The Duck Patrol in a funny 2-minute, 25-second video http://www.karmatube.org/videos.php?id=7789

Editor's Note: 50-square-meters is about 60-square-yards or about 538-square-feet.

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