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Published on August 27th, 2013

The Rewards of Rejection

Rejection is a fundamental part of life and in various forms we are all rejected repeatedly throughout our lives.

We are spurned by lovers, turned away by employers, denied promotions, declined by prospective customers, ignored by people we thought of as friends and left out by organizations we wish to join.

This is but a sampling as any politician ever defeated in a run for office or any actor ever turned away from a desirable role can tell us. But then many of our telephone calls or emails go unreturned and our application to attend a particular school is rejected so we already understand.

You can respond each time by stressing yourself and surrendering a piece of your self-esteem or you can smile, acknowledge the inevitability of rejection and grow from the experiences life is presenting to you.

Do you really want to be with a lover who desires others instead of you? Or would you find far greater happiness by being with someone who loves and appreciates you for who you are.

As for those you thought of as friends, but they were not, thank them in your mind and move on, as you meet people you feel worthy of investing in your friendship.

As for employers who don't recognize your talents, they've done you a great favor for now you can seek a better job or even a career change to something that will bring you fulfillment.

Life is about personal growth and rejection is just life's way of keeping you on the right path, the one meant for you.

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