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Published on July 11th 2023
The Baby Squirrel Whisperer.

Baby Squirrel
Baby Squirrel. Photo: washingtonpost.com

Paula Perry of Moss Point, Mississippi, does wonders for injured or sick baby squirrels.

Known in her neighborhood as the "Squirrel Lady," for the last 13-years, she has rescued over 70 of these tiny guys and gals, keeping detailed records on each one.

And she gives each one their own name, including Hazel, Huey and Dewie, Harry and Sally.

"They steal your heart," Paula told The Washington Post.

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She finds these babies in yards, roads, trees and people bring them to her. When the babies become strong and healthy, she sets them free.

It started in 2010, when a neighbor saw an injured baby squirrel in a tree. Paula took the 3-week-old, whom she named, Wockey, to a vet, and his healing began.

While there, she met vet tech Trish Styles of the Bienville Animal Medical Center, and through Trish became a wild life rehabber.

For rehabbers, the Center will pay for vet care, medication, food, and other essentials, but to be a rehabber, "it's a big commitment," Trish told The Post. That's fine with Paula.

"Once you see a baby squirrel taking formula from a syringe, and they hold onto it with their little paws, I'm sorry; you just have to fall in love with them."

Baby squirrels require dedication, including being fed every few hours around the clock.

Baby Squirrel
Photo: wvnews.com

Many also want cuddling, as they snack on the munchies she feeds them, while they sit on Paula's lap, watching TV with her.

When Paula sets them free, many come to visit, which thrills her.

"I always know that it's one of mine," as she and Rose, or Blanche or Dorothy are together again.

Editor's Note: To learn more washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2023/02/27/squirrel-rehab-wildlife-rescue-mississippi/

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