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Published on December 26th 2023
Transforming buses into mobile classrooms to educate migrant children.

As legal immigrants arrive at the U.S. southern border, who will educate their children? Who will teach them English? The situation is chaotic.

But 32-year-old Estefania Rebellon recalls being a 10-year-old fleeing from Columbia to Miami with her family, and the support they received.

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At 21 Estefania moved to Los Angeles to become an actress. But volunteering in Tijuana migrant camps changed her plans.

"There were no schools set up to help these kids," she told CNN. "I couldn't forget about what I had just seen. And I was like, 'I literally have to go back.'"

Estefania and her partner, Kyle Schmidt, with about $1,000 in savings, bought tents and supplies and created a stopgap school, including volunteer teachers.

Estefania, and why she is a CNN Hero. Photo: cnn.com

"We set up a school overnight," Estefania said. "It spread throughout the camp, and we had like over 50 kids surrounding us."

As the need grew, Estefania thought, "Why don't we turn a bus into a mobile classroom, and we could take it to all the different shelters."

Estefania and Kyle bought, gutted and repurposed a bus into a charming classroom and drove it to various shelters, serving children ages 3 to 15.

But the need is so great, that she and Kyle created Yes We Can World Foundation (YWCWF), a non-profit, to expand rapidly.

YWCWF now educates nearly 300 children a day at its four schools and its three mobile school buses, Monday thru Friday, throughout the year.

"I want our efforts to be something permanent," Estefania said.

"And that when it's all said and done, we will be proud to look back and say that we were there when people needed us most."

Editor's Note: To learn more cnn.com/2023/10/06/americas/california-mexico-borderschool-migrants-cnnheroes/index.html and yeswecan.world/.

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