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Published on April 18th, 2017
Umra Omar: Bringing love and healthcare to rural coastal Kenya

Umra Omar
Umra Omar
Photo: cnn.com

If you are a Kenyan prospering in America, what do you do when you learn that the people living in remote islands off the coast of Kenya have no healthcare?

What do you do for pregnant mothers who receive no prenatal care, and for families who receive no vaccinations from potentially fatal diseases?

If you are Umra Omar, you return to Kenya, and in 2014, you start Safari Doctors to provide those medical services.

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To reach those in need, Umra and her small medical team travel by air, by dirt road, and by boat to each remote village, where transportation is largely by donkey.

Safari Doctors does its work despite terrorists in nearby Somalia, who on occasion terrorize the villages, and kidnap people.

In June, 2015, a terrorist group burned down the little village clinic Safari Doctors was operating, which forced them to function without a clinic.

But it did not stop them. In fact, Safari Doctors is expanding its coverage.

Umra told the publication, The Women’s Eye:

"So we started off one village at a time, each with an average of 100 patients. We have been able to reach out to four villages most recently."

"The goal is to have monthly clinics targeting a minimum of 10 villages which is service to approximately 10,000 villagers treating an average of 1,000 patients a month."

To do this, Umra raises money, knowing how vital those medical services are to families in need, as Safari Doctors succeeds in the face of almost unbelievable challenges.

To see Umra and her medical team in action in a 2-minute, 19-second CNN Heroes video, click here.

Editor's Note:To learn more http://www.thewomenseye.com/2016/10/11/twe-interview-umra-omar-cnn-hero-founder-safari-doctors/, http://www.cnn.com/2016/08/25/health/cnn-heroes-umra-omar-safari-doctors/ To visit the Safari Doctors website http://www.safaridoctors.org/

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