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Published on May 8th, 2012

Today: How you can easily uplift the life of another person and uplift your own life in the process.

If ever you thought you could not make an important difference in this world, today you will see how easy it really is.

In March, Anne and I stayed at the Inn at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach, CA. While we were there a maid, a Korean immigrant did a wonderful job cleaning our room. We met her and learned her name and afterward by name, I wrote her a heartfelt thank you note for her outstanding work and left it on a table in the room.

The next day, she tapped on the door and politely asked to speak with us. Although she could not understand all the English words in the note, she knew enough to proudly bring it to her boss who explained what the other words meant. This woman and her boss were very happy with the note.

The reason this woman came to our room was to express her gratitude for she was visibly moved and wanted us to know how much that note meant to her. With a soft smile, she asked if I might write another note, this time printing the English words so she could easily read them.

From her comments it was apparent the first note would become part of her personnel file and the second note, while it might also be shared with her boss, she would keep for herself.

I gladly wrote the second note and once again left it on the table. With the first note, I had left a $2 tip and with the second note, I left a $5 tip. But clearly it was not the money that moved her, it was a hotel guest recognizing how hard and how well she worked and expressing gratitude.

In hotels where you may stay, whether in a Motel 6 or a Ritz Carlton, or anywhere in between, the maid is often someone working hard to support her family and is paid very little for her effort.

This is not her dream job, and there is no glamour, as she scrubs the toilet and handles clammy wet towels, soiled linens and garbage. It is a job of necessity and one that brings little gratitude except by the few who will take a moment to express their appreciation.

Try it. Write a note and not only will you make someone else feel good, but very likely that person will save your note to reread and treasure. It will also make you feel good for having done it. And all it takes is just a few moments of your time.

Editor’s Notes: If you don’t know the maid’s name, you can call “housekeeping” to get this person’s name or just address it to the maid or “to the person who did a wonderful job cleaning this room.”

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