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Published on June 28th 2022
Valentino, nearly dead, this abandoned kitty is now a loving companion.

Valentino being rescued
Valentino being rescued
photo: catsofsanbernardino.org

Valentino, a domesticated kitty was homeless and alone. Rescuers saw him hiding under a car during a 100+ degree day and took action.

He was scared, dehydrated, injured, hungry and in such bad shape, he struggled to survive.

Then something very special happened to him:

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He was taken to Cats of San Bernardino (CSB), a non-profit kitty rescue organization.

There, Valentino was given IV fluids and repeated feedings, emergency veterinary care and was loved and nurtured.

Safe and secure, he recovered!

Valentino loves people, snuggles and rubs his face gently on human faces, and gives kisses with his little tongue.

He was soon adopted into a loving, "forever home."

Valentino was fortunate to be rescued by CSB for it is a place where kitties are revered.

A non-profit, CSB was started in 2016 by Jaina and Ivy Spagis and has rescued about 1,200 cats and kittens.

Their specialty is feral [wild] cats, for those cats reproduce rapidly and in many places in the world are continually overpopulating.

In San Bernardino, CSB traps, neuters and returns to the wild, local feral cats, for they are nearly impossible to domesticate, while finding loving homes for their kittens.

Jaina and Ivy run CSB from home but hope to one day have a "cat ranch" in which they can help far more cats and kittens in distress, their way of making this a better world.

Editor's Note: To learn more, see catsofsanbernardino.org/, facebook.com/catsofsanbernardino and abc7.com/cats-of-san-bernardino

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