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Published on August 30th 2022
A young woman who declined a $40,000-college scholarship so someone in greater need could have it.

Verda Tetteh at her high school graduation
Verda Tetteh at her high school graduation photo: nytimes.com

A straight-A honor student, Verda Tetteh was a featured speaker at her Fitchburg [Massachusetts] High School graduation ceremony.

Afterward, when she sat down, the school made a dramatic announcement.

As the crowd cheered, Verda was awarded a $40,000 Fitchburg High Excellence Scholarship!

At first Verda was thrilled, but as she pondered this scholarship, her heart told her this was not right.

She spontaneously stood-up, and politely apologized, as she returned to the podium. What she would say next stunned the crowd.

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Verda humbly declined the scholarship, asking that it instead be given to someone whose need was greater than hers.

"I am so very grateful for this," Verda said. "But I also know that I am not the one who needs this the most."

Her generosity set-off a thunderous standing ovation.

Verda, a pre-med student will attend Harvard University this fall with a full scholarship to pay for her Harvard education.

But that additional scholarship would have paid for her living expenses, lab equipment, computers and books.

However, as an immigrant from Ghana, Verda knew what that scholarship could mean to another student whose family was struggling financially.

Verda Tetteh, with her mother, Rosemary Annan, and stepdad, Leslie Barnor. photo: nytimes.com

Verda was very pleased with her decision. "I'm excited to see who it helps and how that changes their life, so I am happy that God gave me the strength to do that."

Said Principal Jeremy Roche, "Verda is someone who is going to change the world."

Editor's Note: : To learn more: passiton.com/high-school-graduate-donates-her-40-000 and nytimes.com/2021/06/12/us/verda-tetteh-scholarship.html

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