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Published on October 26th 2021
Teens create wheelchair stroller so disabled dad can stroll with his newborn son.

Three years ago, Jeremy King had surgery to remove a brain tumor. This left him with various limitations including impaired speech and balance problems.

But when his wife Chelsie became pregnant with their first child, he hoped to help with the baby. But how? How could he even take the child for a walk?

Chelsie, a middle-school teacher at Bullis School in Potomac, MD searched widely for a stroller to accommodate Jeremy's issues and found there were none.

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Desperate for a solution, she approached Bullis high school teacher Matt Zigler, head of the tech lab to see what he could design.

Matt presented this challenge to students in his "making for social good" class, and they eagerly embraced this exciting project.

The Wheelstroll
Students at Bullis School working on the wheelchair stroller. photo: foxnews.com

They borrowed a wheel chair from the school nurse, interviewed the King family to understand their needs, and the fire department to learn the safety requirements.

The students then designed and created an innovative stroller and secured it to the wheelchair. They named it the WheeStroll.

The WheeStroll was put to the test a few weeks after the couple's son Phoenix was born. Jeremy took their baby for a stroll, and happily found the WheeStroll works beautifully.

"Being able to see Jeremy have some independence with our son is a gift," said Chelsie. "It was really emotional for us to see it completed," added Jeremy.

What was the best part of this project? One student, Benjamin Gordon said,

"Just to see the smile on his face and just to know that I was able to help give him that connection to his child that he otherwise wouldn't be able to have because of his disability."

Editor's Note: To learn more https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/high-school-students-create-wheelchair-stroller-for-teachers-husband/ and https://www.passiton.com/.

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