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Published on October 28, 2008

Today: The Greatest Secret To Success.

Dear Reader, This story deeply touched me and it will touch you as well. It is the story of Saul, a fictional Holocaust survivor whose life is based on real Holocaust survivors and from a self-made billionaire who is anonymously donating his fortune to help people in need.

“You must go with this nurse quickly,” Saul’s father told six-year-old Saul. “But when will I see you again papa?” Saul cried out. His father’s hands trembled as he fought back tears, and he replied, “After the war my son, after the war.”

Saul’s mother cried openly, her eyes swollen and red as the tears ran down her cheeks. Both parents hugged and kissed little Saul, as the nurse grabbed his tiny hand and whisked him away.

It was Poland, 1942 in the Warsaw Ghetto. The Nazis had begun their “Final Solution” to rid the world of all Jewish people and were shipping en masse Jewish men, women and children to the Treblinka Extermination Camp.

A block from Saul’s home German soldiers were kicking in doors that didn’t open immediately. As they yelled at their victims their voices echoed loudly as did the barking of their dogs. Sporadically gunshots rang out as some people tried to flee but didn’t get far.

Saul however had been saved. The nurse gave him to a group of nuns who sheltered and raised him until the war ended in 1945. But when they tried to return Saul to his family, they could find no-one to return him to for they had been killed.

The nuns weren’t sure what to do with him, and then to everyone’s surprise, an uncle living in Los Angeles claimed him. This uncle and his wife had no children and were thankful to make a loving home for Saul.

Although Saul never lacked for anything, his aunt and uncle were working people with little money and years later, Saul put himself through college taking menial jobs. Afterward, he met the love of his life and they married and together they raised two children.

During this time, Saul began a tiny one man financial management firm, and as the years passed it grew into a global giant, employing thousands, and making him wealthy and a business legend.

But Saul never forgot the Holocaust’s trauma and heartache and he anonymously donates nearly all of his money to charities across the world, especially to those that help children in need.

Meanwhile last June in South Korea, 21-year-old Kwan graduated from college. From the time he was a boy, he had read about Saul, and all he overcame to achieve great wealth. Kwan hoped to meet Saul and gain some of his extraordinary wisdom so he could also become a major success.

Kwan sent letters requesting a meeting. When Saul learned he too had lost his parents as a boy and he too had a compassionate heart, determined to help others as well as himself Saul invited him to his home. Kwan traveled across the world to meet Saul.

On arriving at Saul’s home, Kwan nervously rang the bell. A voice he’d heard many times on TV and radio warmly greeted him. Then the door opened widely. “Come in Kwan,” Saul said with a smile. “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.”

Soon the two men were seated in over-stuffed blue velvet chairs, separated by an antique oak coffee table. “How can I help you my friend,” asked Saul.

“I’ve come thousands of miles just to meet you,” Kwan replied. “Thank you for your time. There is one question beyond all others I’ve waited years to ask you.”

“And that question is,” Saul inquired.

“What is the Greatest Secret To Success,” Kwan asked. Saul smiled and sat quietly with a twinkle in his eyes. “The Greatest Secret To Success is the one practiced by many wise people over the ages,” he replied.

“It has made a huge difference in people’s lives and it will in yours as well if you will believe in it and apply it with all your heart,” Saul continued. “It could profoundly uplift anybody’s life.”

Saul then rose to his feet and stared into Kwan’s eyes. “That Secret,” Saul said, “Is To have love for EVERY person.”

Kwan was stunned. It took him a minute to find his words. “But how can you do that,” he asked as he shook his head in disbelief. “Can you love the Nazis? Can you even forgive them?”

“I have forgiven them,” Saul replied. “For hate is like drinking a vile of poison and hoping it will kill your enemy. It doesn’t harm him, it only harms you. And I’ve seen what hate does to people, and I never want it to do that to me.

“I love mankind because God loves mankind,” Saul continued. “In every person, however bad he is, there is something within him worth loving, even if it is extremely difficult to find.

“And here is something else few people are aware,” Saul added. “And it is also life changing.

“If you have love for each person, it shows in ways words never can. Your eyes become warmer, a smile overtakes your lips, your body language is positive and each word you utter subliminally says to that person, “You are special and I care for you.”

“Think of it like radio waves. You can’t see them, you can’t touch them, you can’t even feel them, yet you can hear the radio play. That’s how it is with love. It’s invisible but its waves are real.

“In many cases that person absorbs your subliminal message without realizing it. He or she will soon genuinely like you and trust you and may even open his or her heart to you.

“This forms the basis for an outstanding relationship, one that could bring long lasting joy to both of you.

“And if you apply it in business you could form close ties that will last throughout your career as they have throughout mine,” Saul added as he sat down.

“But others will be skeptical,” replied Kwan. “They’ll never believe it.”

“Don’t worry about the skepticism of others,” stated Saul with a smile. “If you have the courage to open your heart, all the marvelous wonders of the Greatest Secret To Success will be yours.

“And you will be rich in ways far beyond what money can ever buy.”

Success Tip of the Week: If you will believe in and use the Greatest Secret To Success, you soon will be amazed at the extraordinary difference it can make for you. It will literally uplift your life.

In the next KazanToday: Life’s Greatest Gift.

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