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Published on Decemeber 12, 2008

Today: How to make a wonderful memory today that will touch your heart for the rest of your life.

“Good afternoon ladies and gentleman,” said the fishing boat captain on the loud speaker as his voice echoed across the harbor. “And welcome aboard The City of Redondo.” The City of Redondo is a sport fishing boat that can hold about 50 passengers and it is the pride of many Los Angeles area fishermen. As I listened to the captain speak and watched the green and white City of Redondo, with its 30 foot high crow’s nest move smoothly through the dark blue waters of the Santa Monica Bay the boat seemed to meld softly into the blue gray sky. Then suddenly as if by magic, 2008 began fading away. Soon it became 1975, on a warm sunny afternoon just like the current one and I was boarding The City with my little sons, 8-year-old Kyle and 5-year-old Kevin. Both boys could hardly contain their excitement. Dressed in their pint size jeans, tennis shoes and T-shirts, they were on an adventure. Kevin could envision pirate ships approaching us and our boat containing cannons whose loud echoing shells would keep them at bay. Kyle was excited with the fish we might catch and with the sights and sounds all around us. In my mind I can still hear their high pitched voices, their laughter and recall the joy we shared that day. Then as suddenly as it faded away, 2008 returned and 1975 disappeared. I stood alone watching The City glide smoothly into the distance. Kyle is now 41 and the head of a successful real estate investment and property management firm. Kevin is 38 and a career police officer devoted to keeping the public safe. Both boys are men with families of their own, but in their hearts, they can recall these wonderful memories as well. My point to you is to actively create such memories now, for faster than you may realize the time will be gone and you won’t have a second chance. Today you’re busy. You have responsibilities and a career you hope will be successful. And if it is successful, then some day you tell yourself, that’s when you’ll take the time. But some day may never come and now is all you have. In 1975 I headed a one man computer leasing firm, and if I didn’t close deals, no money came in. But at times on the morning of a sunny Wednesday afternoon I would call my wife Anne and ask her to pickup the boys from school and I would reschedule my sales calls. For the next few years, we had our fishing trips and yet my firm still prospered and grew. Now my hair is gray, my face is lined and I’m not the 30-year-old youth of all those years ago. But recalling those wonderful times uplifts my spirit. What ever you do for a living, in your schedule is the time to capture the magic moments in your life if you will allow yourself the opportunity. When the years have passed, those memories will live again and warm your heart. And those you devoted the time to may well keep you in the center of their lives.

Success Tip of the Week: Try it. This week surprise someone who would appreciate the pleasure of your company. You’ll be thankful you did.

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